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    HORRIBLE que times. Will more servers be added or will this be an ongoing issue with the game? Overall i enjoy the game…but i hate waiting to have to play a game. Anyone else having similar issues??

    Avatar of Jared

    If by similar issues you mean waiting for an hour and a half then yes. I do.

    Avatar of Varnalt

    i cant even get the patch server to load up

    Avatar of Llaenen

    Hi everyone, just throwing my 2 cents in here.

    I know that its open beta, and there will be issues and all, but I wasn’t expecting to be 3700th in line at 4:50 AM EST. So I am curious if there’s a problem with the login server causing this?

    Avatar of Valrico

    This is completely unacceptable. I understand that the open beta has just started but to have to sit in a queue of 9k people at 8am on a wednesday morning? They either need to create a few more servers, or at least seperate the Regions because there is no way in hell that 9k people in north america are playing this game at 8am on a wednesday

    Avatar of Lynkjapp

    I totally agree to the above, and not surpised there is no reply from a dev, as they have been pretty bad at replying in general on forums and ingame request\tickets, have yet to get an answer from any of the beta’s.
    But this With server limits\lack of servers is not acceptable.
    Such a potential to this game, but this is schoolboy error.

    Avatar of Rain

    To be fair queue times are to be expected in first 1-3 days.
    Imagine 100k players want to play in first days then that amount will drop below 20k. Is it wise to buy 5x server power for just those 3 days?

    Must admit that some info on this topic would be nice to hear from devs.

    Avatar of Vllad

    I can understand what you are saying about first few days..but me personally being a someone that paid for the game…something should be done. honestly if it doesnt change its money down the drain because i wont stick with a game that has tons of bugs or horrible que times…

    Avatar of Boon

    Is this everyones first mmo? possibly even first release of a F2P mmo? During the beginning of course a mass wave of users come on to play. hence the que times being so big and having horrible rubberbanding/lag in game. but thats okay! its day 2 of open beta! no body panic! Believe me when I say they’re doing everything in their power to address these problems, follow the official neverwinter forums/twitters/facebook to stay on top of whats going on!

    Avatar of Vllad

    first mmo..Nope. ive played MMos since EQ. First FTP mmo…yep! Boon i cant say ive ever had this much trouble on any PTP mmo..

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