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    Cant we fully move around like silly A.D.D. kids in the middle of combat why we are attaching someone right in front of us? or are we locked in place?

    And if we are locked in place, hurry get up stairs and tell the tech guys be for the game release we still got time =)

    Also i did see some videos were people were attaching and moving but others they seemed to be locked in place. like the guardian fighter did an ability looked like a double hit and he would step one foot in front of the other. did not see him move around during any of them double hitting attacks.

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    Good question. I was looking for more details about the combat system aswell but I couldn’t really find something useful. I personally doubt that we’ll be locked in place and that -attachment- to a specific target might be something like your focus (target) in combat. That said (it’s a simple guess) if you’re attacking your target it looks like you’re in something like a combat movement which seems to be a bit slower but you are still able to move around.

    I recently read an article where they wrote the following: “Instead of a traditional locking target, button-pressing combat system, Neverwinter embraces the recent trend towards action-based MMOs. Utilizing a combat control scheme similar to that of The Witcher 2, Neverwinter binds at-will actions to the left and right mouse buttons.”

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    You should play RaiderZ if you want an example of how combat in this game will feel, methinks.

    It uses a targeting reticle. It’s like having mouselook always enabled, or being in a first person shoot (except this is over-the-shoulder third person). You don’t have “targets” like in standard MMOs because every swing you take and spell you cast has to be aimed. It lands on wherever that reticle is pointing at.

    There is no cursor on the screen to select targets and lock on – there’s a reticle that shows where you are aiming. You can’t press Tab to lock on to the nearest target – you have to look at them. You can’t use the F keys to target party members for heals – you have to aim your healing circle on them.

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    Mr. B-flakes

    I agree ranncore. I’ve also thought this ever since I’ve alpha/beta tested Raiderz, although I did get snipped at for comparing the two on the official site. Raiderz combat/game was a lot of fun.

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    Does the combat have real time hit detection so that you can hit within the complete arc of your blade?

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    Do you mean does RaiderZ or does Neverwinter? In both cases, yes. As does every MMO that’s tried to vie for the “action combat” title, such as Vindictus and Tera, and isometric action RPGs like Torchlight, among many others.

    I haven’t played Neverwinter, obviously, but take a look at the Guardian Fighter preview trailer and watch him Cleave.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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