About Neverwinter-Online

As passionated fans of Neverwinter Nights we wanted to build up a Neverwinter community site from scratch for the upcoming Neverwinter MMO. Since we’ve been into online gaming for many years and started some projects in the past we’re thrilled to give this one a shot.
As a small group of veteran online gamers who played together in a wide range of different genres over the past 15 years we always wanted to bring up a project like this – we started back in September 2011 when we heared about Neverwinter and developed the first few testsites. We almost canceled the whole project and it took almost one year when Greatness just came up with the idea at the right moment and we all agreed to bring it back on track.
The development and design of Neverwinter Online was mainly done by Greatness and Escavienne. After the first beta release in September 2012 we had some additional help from Hydra, Siza and Siska who helped us with usability and bug testing. Creating a strong community is our major goal. We’re happy to develope upcoming features with you and we’re always up for some good feedback! This is what we enjoy in our spare time – not for profits, just for fun!
Neverwinter Online is currently in a beta phase – some features will be added later as soon as more content will be available.